Women in Film and Photography 2019 | Women in War: Performance - Talk by Nurul Huda Rashid


Women in War: Performance - Talk by Nurul Huda Rashid
Workshop Space, Objectifs
Sat 9 Nov, 2.30pm to 3.30pm
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Women in War is an ongoing four-phase project that looks at women as the subject of focus in war and conflict photography. Based on archival photographs of past and current wars and conflict, as well as those documented and found online, this project takes on a self-reflexive approach to these images through the different medium of text, the sentient, the body, and the visual. Positioning these photographs as ethnographic material, each phase aims to re-create an encounter whereby the woman in war is viewed through a different lens, facilitated through discourses of gender, the politics and praxis of the visual, and the practice of photography.

“Phase 3: Performative” is a meditation through movement and translation of the bodily gestures registered by and onto women in images of war. By mapping, tracing, and narrating bodily representations of the women in photographs, this phase of the Women in War project aims to identify and recount the various archetypes of bodily aesthetics in suffering, through the act of performing it beyond the photograph.

This event will begin with a 30 minute performance and will be followed with a sharing of the work’s development.
About the artist
Nurul Huda Rashid is a researcher and photographer whose research interests focus on images, narratives, visual and sentient bodies, feminisms, and the intersections between them. Her current research project, Women in War, is a survey of images of women in war, critiqued through concepts of gender and violence, politics of the visual, and the role of the algorithm and archive as methods. “Phase 3: Notes to Her” (2018), part of her Women in War project was produced and performed as part of a studio residency with Objectifs. She has exhibited previous projects, Hijab/Her (2012), Untitled (2011), and Sufi and the Bearded Man (2010) with Objectifs, NUS Museum, and The Substation. Nurul develops and facilitates Photography and Sex Education workshops with Objectifs and AWARE respectively, and has taught across various tertiary institutions on various subjects. She loves smelling old books and hates that she is perpetually being asked, “are you Singaporean?”


About Women in Film & Photography 2019

Women in Film is part of Objectifs' annual Women in Film and Photography showcase. In recent years, communities across the world have responded to enduring social, gender, racial and economic inequality through collective actions such as #Metoo, the Occupy movement and Black Lives Matter. At the heart of it, such movements are often fueled by anger and frustration at an ostensible lack of political will or means to effect systemic change.

Our fifth edition Women in Film presents the Singapore premiere of five international feature films that demonstrate how women filmmakers have created works that speak to local and global concerns, exploring how rage against discrimination, repression and injustice can be channeled into a force for awareness, action and change through art. Co-curated by Leong Puiyee and Kelly Leow.

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Sat Nov 9, 2019
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM SGT
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